Painting for me is an exploration of reality, in an attempt to broaden my understanding of the natural world.  I want my work to evoke a feeling of curiosity and intrigue, yet familiarity.  Nature is a constant inspiration and trees and nests have been a common subject. Of late, my work has evolved; from previous themes of connectivity, peace and order to a more integral viewpoint from which I examine apposing dynamics. For this reason, painting has become an inquiry of my visceral response to life, death, people, places, dreams and nature.  Dichotomous forces demonstrate tension within each piece and make us wonder what life is all about.  As such, I discover my own connectivity to the world and find symbiosis and friction along the way.  The work itself doesn’t answer any questions. Yet, it asks to contemplate the nature of reality.

Working on a spectrum, from somewhat representational to abstract, I use acrylic paint with a graphic-like composition.  Similar to a puzzle, the spatial arrangement arouses interest and the familiarity of graphics provides reassurance.  Prior to the design, painting is a process driven exploration.  Spontaneously, layers of paint and granular sanding are applied—this contrasts to distinct contours and reflects the juxtapositions of everyday life.  Color is balanced yet bright and stimulating.   Lines, bold shapes and positive and negative space are uniquely arranged creating the feeling of stability, stillness and/or movement—depending on the combination. This interplay of elements, though abrasive at times, is symbolic of the natural ebb and flow of life.  At first glance my paintings may seem flat, however, deeper engagement reveals complexity – nuanced by gradations of color and texture.