Interestingly, the discovery of art was a happy accident that happened to me as a high school student. Basically, art found me and not the other way around. Luckily I was in need of class credit and an art class fit the spot. Then, I realized my love of the work; for the first time since I was a child I was having fun making art. Also, simultaneously I felt a bond to my favorite artist at the time, Van Gogh. Essentially, I could relate with, what seemed to me, his desire to connect with both humans and nature by using his paintbrush.

Ultimately, these early experiences laid the foundation for a life long exploration of putting paint on canvas. As a consequence, my love and dedication to this work has led to multiple gallery shows and the privilege of having my work hung in homes around the world.

Gallery Representation

Adam Cave Fine Art
2009 Progress Court
Raleigh, NC 27608
(919) 838-6692

A Gallery
1321 S. 2100 E.
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
(801) 583-4800

Studio E Gallery
PGA Commons East
4600 PGA Blvd, Suite 101
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
(561) 799-3333

Art & Light Gallery
16 Aiken St, Greenville, SC 29611
(864) 625-0695